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youth at risk - an alternative approach. Itay MallerBackground:

The teenage years can be a challenging and an emotional course for all concerned. The conflict appears, in most cases, when distance grows between parents and their children during adolescence.

My name is Itay Maller: Ma.MCdr (MA: Mediation, Conflict and Dispute Resolution - TAU), and I believe that a lot of the "unsolved-problems" of our young adults along with ours - can be altered... All we need to do is to adopt a new perspective on the situation, and I believe we might be surprised...

One of the reasons many of us find it so hard is because it is a time of rapid physical development and deep emotional changes. Today, more than ever, teens develop emotional and social issues due to the external stimulants, which cause great confusion. Drugs and alcohol abuse, along with a variety of volatile substances are the outcome of the social reality in which we live. I believe that drugs and alcohol are not society's problem. I believe that "At Risk" behaviors, underlines a symptomatic reaction of a bigger problem.

Consumerism and affluence is the reality in which we all live, adults as well as youth. In the absence of boundaries and social framework, and as a result of our digital culture, teens are constantly looking for thrills and alternative substances to those offered by parents and the educational system.